Worked this morning and it was busy. I don't know where all the people are suddenly coming from. Oh well, time goes quicker then. We now have Lorraine back. Its great to have her back. Odd though not have Vicky. Wishing her well in her new endeavors. School seems to be going well for the girls. Nici's teacher has a no homework policy and I like that. I'm now reading a book called 'Ends of the Earth' by Tim Downs and I really am enjoying it. Its a bug man novel and the character is hilarious. Even if it had no story I would enjoy reading conversations he has with people.
It's the first day of school and I have the day off work. Very interesting. I plan to read my book although I haven't yet. Shortly though. I'm in the middle of Green and so far I'm glued. I wish I had someone to talk to about these books but no one I'm in contact with regularly has read the series so I'm kind of lost and really wish I could relay what some of it means to me as I read it. Oh well, I could write it down I suppose. Maybe sometime. I hope the kids have a great day back in class. I'm excited for the weekend. We're going on a photo trip on Sunday with friends and those always prove to be awesome! So, until next time...
The week is over again. It's Friday. It feels like fall for sure this morning. Brrr... I finished my book yesterday, 'The Shape of Mercy' and really did enjoy it. Now I'm ready to read 'Green' by Dekker and I hope it's as good as I'm anticipating. We'll see. I don't work today so I'm off to get groceries this morning. No food left in the kitchen. Time to finish getting school things together this weekend. A week from Tuesday it begins. Summer flew right by.
Woke up this morning not feeling well and it lingered all day. Went to work for 8 long hours but thankfully not too busy today. Did not do any extra things while there but just did not feel up to it. Ate a piece of toast this morning to try to see if that would help the feeling pass and after eating it I thought it was good so why not have one more. Toasted a second slice and buttered it and was just about to take a bite when I noticed a spot of mould. Upon better inspection saw that the whole slice was covered in spots of mould. Threw it out and looked at the loaf it came from and it too was mouldy. So, my first yummy piece also would have been covered in mould. Wasn't hungry after that. Now, I do feel a bit better but not great yet. Hope it passes so tomorrow is a more productive day.
Kind of a blah day today. Not this morning but the afternoon seemed to be. My night last night was not great either. Had dumb dreams about rats. I shudder to think about it. Work was slowish this afternoon. I've had worse work days though. I was starting to read book 3 in the series I was enjoying but lost interest so I moved on the something new. This one is called 'The Shape of Mercy' and it's good so far. The title does not for tell any of the story so if you think you have an idea what it might be about you're most likely wrong. The story is about the days of people on witch hunts and when the public believed you to be a witch, you would be killed. There, is that what you thought it might be about? Didn't think so. I'm not very far yet so we'll see if it holds my interest. I always give a book a few chapters before I decide. I have a new book I can't wait to read but since I was in the middle of one when I got it I loaned it to a friend and he's not done it yet. Well, now I've shared my days thoughts with you again. Until next time.
Nearly mid August folks! Next week is our camping trip to Kill Bear. Very much looking forward to that. The warm weather is nice and today it's not as humid. It is time to think about school shopping and I have begun with the little things. I'm reading a new book. 'True Light' by Terri Blackstock. It's book 3 in a series and still very good. I will write my review after I finish. Haven't taken any pics lately. Plan to though while at camp. Should have some new ones after that. Well, that's it for now I guess.
Good morning, I am off to have breakfast with my Mom and then back home so I can go to work. Inventory is done! Super glad about that. I hear there's a heat wave coming this weekend. We'll see. Has not been very hot this summer. Had a friend over this week and loved having her here. We enjoyed the short time. Soon we'll have a bit more time again. Reading a new book. Very good. Be sure to check out my review on 'my books'. Well, time to head out so ta ta for now!
Wow, summer is half over and it doesn't really feel like it. Seems to be time for collecting things for school if you don't want to do it all at once later. Maybe this weekend. The weather is warmer now and seems more humid. I'm really looking forward to our next camping trip. We're going north with close friends and I know we'll have a great time cause we always do with them. The girls are having a good summer too. Britney has spent all kinds of time at different friends houses. Might as well cause next summer she'll be working for sure. So there's my post for the day.
The end of July is near and it feels like summer just began yesterday. How fast time goes by. We went camping on the weekend and had tons of fun. Suffering from quite the load of mosquito bites now but that will soon pass. Now I'm looking forward to the next camping trip we have planned in August. It's up north and sure to be good fun. Rain seems to be part of each day or so. The temp is at least warmer now. Back to work tomorrow for me.
Good morning, its Tuesday and feels like it. I'll be so glad when this work week is done. Doing 2 people's hours is hard when you're not used to it. Almost done. On Friday we head out for our camping trip. Quite excited. Hope it doesn't rain. Seems to rain all the time this summer. I'm almost done the book I mentioned last time. I know, I read slow. It's very good though just no time to sit down with it. The news says they may have found the remains of Tori Stafford. That would give the family some closure. No certain facts yet though but soon. If it isn't then it means another child was killed. Well, I'll be back with more lively talk soon.:)
Good evening folks, it was a beautiful day and I spent it inside at work. It seemed really slow all day but it turned out it wasn't according to the end of day stats. Back I go tomorrow but just till 2. Vicky, my co-worker is a granny for the second time and I'm happy for her. Louise, my other co-worker is off on holiday hence all me time spent at work right now. Hope she's enjoying the time away. I'm reading a very interesting book right now that I will do a review on when I'm all done. Really makes me think about all the things we take for granted that we have. Enough said for now. Wouldn't want to give anything away. So ta ta for now and sleep well.
Hi again, its mid July, literally, it's the 15th today and I'm home from work. Kind of slow these days at the store. People don't spend their money like they did even last summer. I don't blame them. I don't either. It's a matter of finding things to do. Went to see the 3rd 'Ice Age' movie on the weekend and it was not as good as the first. I expected that though. The second 'Transformers' was not as good as the first either. Not to me anyway. Had a huge family gathering on Sunday and it was good. Saw tons of cousins I hadn't seen since we were all little. It was good to meet some of the spouses to some of the cousins too. A good time and look forward to it next year. Our first camping trip for this summer is planned for next weekend. Should prove interesting. Loads of laughs I'm sure. Kids are excited and counting down the days. I'm just as excited I think. Took the girls to the mall yesterday and saw they were putting school supplies out. Yikes! We were just done school. I guess the clock doesn't stop. Sometimes at work it seems pretty stuck. Tic toc...moving on. Nice weather we're having. Kind of strange to have no heat waves. Must be a new weather pattern beginning. Well, so long for now, be back soon.
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