Hi again, its mid July, literally, it's the 15th today and I'm home from work. Kind of slow these days at the store. People don't spend their money like they did even last summer. I don't blame them. I don't either. It's a matter of finding things to do. Went to see the 3rd 'Ice Age' movie on the weekend and it was not as good as the first. I expected that though. The second 'Transformers' was not as good as the first either. Not to me anyway. Had a huge family gathering on Sunday and it was good. Saw tons of cousins I hadn't seen since we were all little. It was good to meet some of the spouses to some of the cousins too. A good time and look forward to it next year. Our first camping trip for this summer is planned for next weekend. Should prove interesting. Loads of laughs I'm sure. Kids are excited and counting down the days. I'm just as excited I think. Took the girls to the mall yesterday and saw they were putting school supplies out. Yikes! We were just done school. I guess the clock doesn't stop. Sometimes at work it seems pretty stuck. Tic toc...moving on. Nice weather we're having. Kind of strange to have no heat waves. Must be a new weather pattern beginning. Well, so long for now, be back soon.