Kind of a blah day today. Not this morning but the afternoon seemed to be. My night last night was not great either. Had dumb dreams about rats. I shudder to think about it. Work was slowish this afternoon. I've had worse work days though. I was starting to read book 3 in the series I was enjoying but lost interest so I moved on the something new. This one is called 'The Shape of Mercy' and it's good so far. The title does not for tell any of the story so if you think you have an idea what it might be about you're most likely wrong. The story is about the days of people on witch hunts and when the public believed you to be a witch, you would be killed. There, is that what you thought it might be about? Didn't think so. I'm not very far yet so we'll see if it holds my interest. I always give a book a few chapters before I decide. I have a new book I can't wait to read but since I was in the middle of one when I got it I loaned it to a friend and he's not done it yet. Well, now I've shared my days thoughts with you again. Until next time.